Board Certified in Neurological Surgery

Dr. Malini Narayanan is your board certified, Harvard-trained neurosurgeon. She has over 10 years of experience and treats a wide array of spine and brain conditions including tumors, hemorrhages, neck and back pain and much more.

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Common Surgeries

Adults with Common Neurosurgical Symptoms and Conditions

Brain Craniotomy for Tumor Removal, Transphenoidal Approach for Pituitary Tumor Resection, etc.
Laminectomies, Discectomy, Minimally Invasive Fusion
Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF), Posterior Fusion, Laminectomy
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With thanks. In life, there are many paths you can take and many people who share the journey, but it’s the special people who help you along the way, and it’s the most important people who care enough to give of themselves unconditionally. Thank-you for being one of those special people. Words can’t express my gratitude to you for helping me walk. Most Sincerely, -V


I thank god for Dr. Narayanan, my legs became numb and I could only stand with someone supporting me. Naturally I was scared to death. Dr. Narayanan found three disc in my neck that were compressing my spinal cord. It has now been ten weeks since my surgery and I can walk again and improving more every week. I feel that I owe my life to Dr. Narayanan. She explained the procedure to me and helped to calm me down. Thank you Dr. Narayanan. –J


My first encouter with Dr. Narayanan, I was in the hospital with a maligant brain tumor, after suffering a seizure/stroke. She put me at ease immediately. She laid out all the options for dealing with my cancerous brain tumor. Reviewing the pro’s and con’s with me. I decided on brain surgery to remove the tumor and she did an incredible job in the surgery. Two weeks after the surgery, I had regained my dextrity in my hands and had full motor control. I was very thankful that Dr. Narayanan was able to do my surgery and I highly recommed her. -C

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Dr. Malini Narayanan is a board-certified, Harvard-trained neurosurgeon with over 9 years of experience. She treats a wide array of spine and brain conditions.

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